Only $2190 for your 2-3 bedroom move - North Island wide!

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Furniture Removal Whanganui

King Transport has a regular Whanganui furniture removal service that includes rural Whanganui for long haul furniture removal runs.


Wanganui Furniture Removal Backloading Services

As small independent furniture movers, we are able to offer some of the most competitive furniture removal rates in NZ. This particularly applies to our furniture backloading services, which is often steeply discounted. 

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Our most popular Wanganui Backloading destinations include...

Whanganui - Auckland
Whanganui - Tauranga
Whanganui - Hawke’s Bay / Napier
Whanganui - Hamilton
Whanganui - Kapiti Coast
Whanganui - Wellington
Whanganui - Wairarapa
Whanganui - South Island



Additional Wanganui Furniture Removal Services


- Provision of packing materials for Self-packing
- King Transport expert wrapping and packing services 



- Wanganui Secure Storage for furniture and possessions  



- Full Furniture Removal Insurance 


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